Information on the Processing of Personal Data

in conformity with Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR)



Sede legale:   Piazza Carlo Caneva, 4 20154 Milano (Italia) are managing XVI CONFERENZA DEL COLORE.

We inform you that your personal data are processed by GRUPPO DEL COLORE – ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA COLORE, in conformity with EU Regulation n° 2016/679 (hereafter referred to as “GDPR”), bearing dispositions in defence of persons with regard to the processing of personal data.



This information is conveyed in conformity with GDPR, to those who interact with the  Conference website, which is accessible by means of a computer, at the address:

The information explains to you what data is obtained when you visit our web site, as well as how and why this is collected and utilised. We take your privacy seriously, and are very active in guaranteeing the necessary steps for protecting your personal data.

The present information is produced only for the above-indicated website, and is not yet available also for other web sites, which will possibly be available by means of links contained in the present website.


The Controller is GRUPPO DEL COLORE – ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA COLORE, e-mail for purposes of contact: gdcaic (at)


Navigation data

Computer systems and the applicative elements dedicated to the operation of this web site record/register, during the course of their normal performance, several data (the transmission of which is implicit in the use of communication protocols of Internet communication) not associated with directly identifiable users.

Among the data collected are included the IP addresses of the computer utilised  by users who are interconnected with the site, the addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the resources requested, the time of the  request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the dimensions of the file obtained in answer, the numerical code indicating the state of the reply  given by the server (successful, error, etc.), and other parameters regarding the operative system and the computer environment utilised by the user.

These data are processed for the amount of time strictly necessary and for the sole purpose of extrapolating anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and in order to control its regular operation.

Use of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are pairs of strings of the type (name, value) that web sites send to the user’s browser with the aim of memorising information of various types in the said browser. This information will then be retransmitted by the browser in future accesses to the same web site.

What are cookies used for?

The  Conference website web site uses EXCLUSIVELY technical cookies, does NOT install cookies of third parties, and does NOT perform any type of user profiling.

Disabling cookies

The memorisation of cookies in one’s own computer can be disabled by following the instructions reported in the following link for major browsers:





Internet Explorer

What data do we collect?

While utilising our web site, a request might be made to supply personal data (name, address, e-mail, details of the account, etc.). In the event that they are requested, we shall use these data for administering the processes and databases of our web site

Why do we collect these data?

 Subscriptions to the  conference services are collected through suitable on-line forms, where users are requested to provide their personal information and e-mail. By sending such information, subscribers do accept to be included in the GRUPPO DEL COLORE – ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA COLORE and  mailing list and to receive by e-mail the electronic material described above. Personal data maintained in  database and subscriptions to the mailing lists may be modified at any time by subscribers by directly accessing to their record upon authentication through  Conference web pages.

We shall guarantee that all the personal data furnished are safely preserved in conformity with the general regulation regarding the protection of data: i.e.  (EU) 2016/679.

Users’ Rights

As a user, you can check the details that you have sent to  by contacting us at the following e-mail address:

Users may also contact us with the same method in order to modify, correct or request that your personal data be cancelled in relation to the said account in any moment whatsoever.

Keep in mind, however, that if you have shared data with other people by means of    channels of the social media, these data could remain visible even if your account has been cancelled in our site.

It is possible to request a legible copy of the personal data that we conserve at any moment whatsoever, and this request will be processed within one month (provided that there are no excessive charges and that the privacy of other persons is not compromised). In order to do this, please contact us at the following e-mail address: gdcaic (at)

As a user, you can request that your data be directly transferred to another system and this will be done free of charge.

How will the data be filed?

If you become a member of GRUPPO DEL COLORE – ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA COLORE and  mailing list, your data will be filed in our mailing list (on our server).

In cases in which the data are memorised on print media, these are conserved in a safe place to which non-authorised persons are not admitted.

Printed data are shredded when no longer needed.

Processing procedures

 uses all the safety procedures provided for by EU Regulation N° 2016/679 in order to protect collected data, avert risks of the loss or theft of data, unauthorised accesses, and unlawful and incorrect usage.

How will they be utilised?

The names and e-mail addresses will be utilised exclusively for the objectives declared by  and GRUPPO DEL COLORE – ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA COLORE, and will not be made available for any other objective or to any other area, excluding legal obligations.

How long do we keep your data?

 will not keep your personal data any longer than necessary.

If requested by law or if it is reasonably necessary in order to satisfy regulatory requisites, resolve controversies, anticipate frauds and abuses, or apply our policies, we shall possibly keep several of your data for a limited period of time,  even after having closed your account or it is no longer necessary to have contact.

Right to update our policies on privacy

We must point out that, we are constantly going over, processing  and protecting data. Therefore, modifications to our policies may be inspected in any moment whatsoever.

Claims or questions

Claims or questions relative to the protection of data and to privacy must be addressed to gdcaic (at)

Furthermore, the right to propose a claim/complaint to the national control authorities  (Italian Data Protection Authority) also exists: