COLOR AWARD 2019 to Adolfo Guzzini

Born in Recanati on February 12, 1941, Adolfo Guzzini, in his role as an individual and entrepreneur, can be considered an instrument of social innovation. A supporter and promoter of the culture of light, he has made perceptual restoration operations on cultural assets possible, particularly on masterpieces such as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper.” He was the first to raise public awareness about phenomena like photobiology, deepening studies on the influence of artificial lighting on psycho-physiological well-being. He took up the fight against light pollution and made it a cornerstone of corporate communication, demonstrating commitment to the community’s well-being.

As the son of Mariano Guzzini, he began directing the decorative lighting company founded by his brothers in a garage in Recanati in 1964. In a short time, he transformed it radically, creating the lighting technology sector in Italy and working to spread a new culture of light and train new professionals capable of designing lighting schemes. With iGuzzini, he established an international organization that now brings creativity, innovation, and the “Made in Italy” brand to every part of the world, earning accolades such as the Compasso d’Oro and numerous other international awards. A firm advocate of a synergistic and collaborative business system, he personally engages in association activities as the co-founder and president of AIFAI (later Assoluce) and the Urban Furniture Group of Federlegno Arredo.

A board member at Cosmit, he holds national positions in Confindustria, the Italian Lighting Association, the Association for Industrial Design, the National Institute of Architecture, and the Adriano Olivetti Institute. Anticipating international guidelines for the lighting industry by thirty years, in the 1980s, he led iGuzzini to develop the theme of biodynamic lighting, collaborating with the American University of Troy and CNR. In 1998, he promoted the establishment of the historical archive of Guzzini Group companies, Italy’s first web-based historical archive of historical interest. An active promoter of the territory, in addition to creating synergy between companies, schools, and universities, since 2001, he has supported the Technical Institute of Recanati, increasing enrollment from 350 to 800 students. Through the Recanatese football team and the Francesco Guzzini Tennis School, he promotes an innovative model of social development through youth-focused sports. A Knight of Labor and Honorary Doctorate in International Economics, he was President of the National Design Council from 2009 to 2011.

In 2016, he was awarded the “Capo D’Orlando” Scientific Prize in the “Science and Industry” section. Currently, in addition to the presidency of iGuzzini and Fimag, he is the President of INARCH (National Institute of Architecture) and Honorary President of ISTAO.

With the recent acquisition by Fagerhult, the Swedish lighting giant, IGUZZINI, currently the largest Italian company in the lighting sector, will become an integral part of one of the largest international professional lighting hubs.

According to the latest news, Adolfo Guzzini, the president, and founder of the Marche-based company, will remain in his role as president and also take on top management roles within the Swedish group.